DAL (Digital Arts Lab)
DAL (Digital Arts Lab) was established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 2017, to exist as a meeting point between science and technology, arts and design. DAL believes that digital tools can expand the capacities of art and allow humans to explore new relationships with the world around us. By allowing viewers to interact with and become an intrinsic part of an artwork, technology can create a better connection between artists and their audience.
The members of DAL brought together to take part in the Islamic Art Biennale are Bassam Al Refi (b. 1984, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), a digital artist with a background in engineering; Lama bint Mansour (b. 1988, Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia), a curator and researcher in the field of cultural astronomy; Eyad Maghazil (b. 1985, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), a prominent multidisciplinary artist with an interest in architecture; experience designer Mohammad Jastaniah (b. 1985, Los Angeles, USA); and musician and sound producer Mothanna Anber (b. 1984, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia). DAL has created and participated in various local cultural endeavors, including the AI Artathon, Riyadh, organized by the Ministry of Culture (2020); Jeddah Season (2019), under the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage; and Tasmeem Art Fair at the Saudi Art Council, Jeddah (2018).