Teaching with Purpose: Training for Individuals with Special Needs

Join us for this uplifting 1-day workshop tailored for educators working with special needs students.

Who is this for: Special needs educators, parents and caretakers.

What will you gain: Cutting-edge, art-based therapeutic and skill-building methods. You'll master teaching tactics to boost student confidence, encourage self-expression, and gain insights into student individuality to pave the way for more inclusive classrooms.

Join us as we equip you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to empower your students and promote their holistic development. Together, let's make a meaningful impact in the lives of those with special needs.

Presented By

Saut: The Voice of Down Syndrome Society 

Our goal is to empower individuals with Down syndrome in Saudi Arabia through education, training, research, and awareness. Saut: The Voice of Down Syndrome Society runs specialized schools offering tailored education from birth to vocational training. We promote research to improve services and advocate for integration and respect in society. Our aim is to show that individuals with Down syndrome can learn, develop skills, and lead independent lives with dignity.