Screening: The Documented and The Fictionalized

May 16 2024 Thursday
11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Diriyah Riyadh - Building 1 Cinema get directions
Age Group Adults
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Presented in a black box cinema, the film program includes a sequence of cinematic works by artists screened continuously throughout the opening hours of the exhibition. While a number of films use poetic language or mythical characters to excavate the past and unfold the stories embedded in places and histories, others draw from science fiction to speculate about future realities or address the social impact of new technologies. The presented films share the same concern that unfold throughout After Rain, addressing the global environmental crisis and the long-term impact of colonialism and new forms of extractivism. From ancient Arabic poetry to the science of the Amazonian Forest, the migration of birds, plantations, and crypto mining—the lines of inquiry pursued in each film contextualize the impact of hegemonic structures within a range of geographies, while offering windows into alternate imaginaries.


Munem Wasif

2015–19 / Video, black and white, stereo, 23 min 34 sec

-Listen to my words

Dana Awartani

2020 / Digital animation, color, sound (recordings of historical poems), 12 min 57 sec

-18 000 Worlds

Saodat Ismailova

2023 / HD video, sound, color and black and white, 31 min

-An Invocation to the Earth

Yeo Siew Hua

2020 / HD video, color, sound, 16 min 10 sec

-Forest Mind

Ursula Biemann

2021 / 4K UHD video, sound, 31 min 45 sec

-Aequare: the Future that Never Was

Sammy Baloji

2023 / 4K UHD video, digital projection, single channel, 5.1 sound, 20 min

-{if your bait can sing the wild one will come} Like Shadows Through Leaves The Migrant Ecologies Project

2021 / HD video, 28 min

-How to Improve the World / Cai tiên Thê gió i

Nguyên Trinh Thi

2021 / HD video, sound, color and black and white, 46 min

-The Great Endeavor

Liam Young

2023 / Video, sound, color, 9 min

-Bitcoin Mining and Field Recordings of Ethnic Minorities

Liu Chuang

2018 / Video, sound, color, 40 min


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11:15 am

3:30 pm

8:00 pm

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Black Box Cinema