Cloud Wall Hanging

May 17 2024 Friday
04:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Diriyah Riyadh - Workshop 2 get directions
Age Group Adults
80 SAR
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Craft a beautiful hanging art piece for your walls!

Who is this for: Adults

What you will gain: Arts and crafts are combined with the therapeutic natural phenomena of rain in this workshop. You'll learn how to weave knots and patterns to create fabric rain that dangles from a wooden cloud that you can hang on your walls! From the warmth of the sun-kissed wet soil to the therapeutic aroma of petrichor, this cloud is a reminder that better things are yet to come.

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Juthoori is a handmade macramé business cofounded by Leen AlRas & Noor Tahla.

We draw the inspiration from our rich Palestinian cultural roots. With a commitment to sustainability, Juthoori proudly crafts intricate unique pieces using 100% cotton ropes and natural materials. Beyond creating macramé, we have also conducted workshops in Zawiya97, showcased and crafted large displays for Formula One and boutique hotels, and shared our journey in interviews such as MBC.