Cinema Nights: Thiiird

May 16 2024 Thursday
09:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Diriyah Riyadh - Auditorium get directions
Age Group 15 (+) Years Old
35 SAR
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A dilapidated garage on the outskirts of Beirut becomes a microcosm of Lebanon itself – a country not only questioning its future, but whether a future is even possible – in this vivid portrait of a car mechanic (Fouad Mahouly) whose customers require fixing as much as their cars. The film observes the daily routine of Fouad’s workshop in documentary detail, but it is the lives of the people he offers coffee while their cars are repaired that are the director’s focus. Two young men rehearse a play as they wait for their car to be serviced; a woman’s life is revealed in a tearful phone conversation and another customer shakes with anxiety, while the financial and social collapse of the country beyond Fouad’s yard affects them all. Their collective story, which goes beyond their immediate lives to explore the meaning of existence, unfolds like a dream.

Important note: A Q&A session with the director Karim Kassem will follow the film



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The Red Sea Film Foundation

The Red Sea Film Foundation is an independent, non-profit entity based in the heart of old Jeddah. Their myriad programs, workshops, and funding arms are the bedrock of Saudi's blossoming film industry. At the heart of its mission is the Red Sea International Film Festival. Held annually in Jeddah, it brings together the best of regional and international cinema through its diverse programming and boundary-pushing themes. Beyond the festival, the foundation bolsters film education through labs, events, screenings, and workshops, and supports up-and-coming filmmakers with grants and a marketplace to seed the growth of the Saudi film industry at every level.


Director’s Bio:

Karim Kassem is an award-winning filmmaker. He completed his first feature “Only the Winds” which was selected for the 50th IFFR. His last experience surviving the Beirut explosion inspired his second feature film “Octopus”, which won best film at IDFA 2021. His third film "Thiiird" premiered at IFFR 2023 and his fourth film 'Moondove' is in post.