Inspired by the calming and comforting properties of musk, a natural scent praised by many prophets, the "Musk Carrier" camp is a valuable and enjoyable entertainment journey for children.

Who is it for: Children aged 4-8

What you will gain: This interactive and educational camp is made for children who learn through experience. With an organized program of skillful workshops, craftsmanship sessions, and physical activity, children will learn both character and community building skills, by focusing on creating deeper connections to everything around them. The program aims to promote values and encourage children to do good deeds in the simplest and most enjoyable ways, teaching them that there are infinite ways to give back to the world.

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Out of the Box

Out of the Box is a vibrant children's club for the creative spirit in every child. As pioneers in crafting imaginative experiences, their programs are designed to spark continuous growth, innovation, and inspiration among children and youth. Their aim? To stretch their creativity and curiosity beyond conventional limits. Through Out of the Box's dynamic programs, kids get to explore, express, and evolve, unlocking their full potential. They emphasize nurturing moral, mental, and creative development, guiding them towards becoming their best selves.