This 2-part masterclass invites participants to reflect on their city’s cultural heritage and transcribe it into a mosaic art form.

Who this is for: Adults and teens over 15

What you will gain: Participants will have the chance to tune in to the meditative practice of mosaic-building, tile by tile, resulting in a cohesive masterpiece. You'll learn from an experienced mosaic artist who facilitates workshops for public art projects. Lena will teach you how to develop a color palette for a mosaic artwork and the techniques for planning and executing the artwork using tesserae tiles. Using an indirect technique, you will learn how to cut, place, and prepare your tiles for application. The result will be Najdi-inspired planters that will be exhibited as a public art feature in DCAB 2024!

Presented By

Art Reach

In 2015, Art Reach Bahrain began infusing Manama's public spaces with art, led by artists Lena Dajani, Bodour Yaqoub, and Rula Al Chorbachi. This initiative aims to breathe life into the city by weaving local culture and identity into its fabric.