Unearth nature's colors, Craft Natural Inks & Paints using a traditional process.


Who is this for: Adults

What you will gain: This workshop is perfect for nature lovers and/or creatives who love exploring new materials. Dahlia will walk you on a step by step process of creating inks and paints from natural sources. 

As you engage in a hands-on journey, you will explore a deeper understanding of natural materials and learn about the color potential of plant roots like turmeric, fruits like prickly pears, minerals, and even carbon. You will also unlock the secrets of “laking” and other color extraction methods to capture the vibrant natural colors

By the end of the workshop you will build a personalized "visual dictionary" of your paints and inks for future inspiration.


  • All materials are provided.
  • Feel free to bring your own tote bag or fabric to personalize.
  • Wear comfortable clothing suitable for creative activities.


Presented By

Dahlia Barakat

Born and raised in the landscapes of Lebanon, Dahlia Barakat found her artistic calling rooted in the natural world. Though formally trained in visual communication, her true education came from the vibrant palette and profound lessons offered by nature itself. As an environmental artist, her craft bridges between culture and environment.
Dahlia is an artist who finds in nature an endless source of inspiration. Combining her passion for the environment with her visual art skills, she creates visual stories that awakens connection to the natural world. She invites you to immerse yourself in nature’s wisdom on a journey where art meets ecology, walk with her, and discover the hidden potential within every leaf, stone, and grain of soil.
Dahlia shares her passion through engaging workshops, each a unique exploration of the intersection between culture and nature; Through collaborative workshops like “Into the Soil” she takes you beyond the surface, inviting you on a multi-sensory journey of self-discovery and connection with the Earth.