This workshop aims to introduce students to the fundamentals of acting and improvisation. Through a combination of fun exercises, games, and group activities, students will develop their confidence, creativity and stage presence.

Unleash your inner star at Masterhat's acting and drama workshops.

Who is it for: Children aged 8-11

What you will gain: You'll master acting basics, storytelling, and stage presence with workshops designed to nurture individual and group creativity. Scriptwriting sessions will enhance focus and introspection while roleplaying and improvisation workshops boost confidence, encouraging you to transition from self-consciousness to a state of flow.

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Established in 2019, Masterhat is a Riyadh-based Company dedicated to fostering the art of drama and performing art.
We provide a comprehensive range of training programs in the performing arts and theater, such as drama, scriptwriting, and acting. Masterhat Company is also a proud implementer of the "Imagination Box" program, an initiative of the Theater and Performing Arts Commission.