For over three decades, artist, architect, and educator Apolonija Šušteršič has shown a longstanding commitment to social and spatial practice in contemporary art. Šušteršič’s projects are embedded within communities and take shape through a constant flow of exchange between different constituencies. The title of Šušteršič’s recurrent projects Suggestion for the (Next) Day (2000–ongoing) is reflective of her dedication to explorations of present-day living environments as a means of producing alternative possibilities for the future. Education is integral to the artist’s practice, and she is the founder of the MFA program Art and Public Space at the Oslo National Academy of Arts. In 2016 Šušteršič and chef and community activist Youssou Diop started the long-term project NJOKOBOK, initially in Slovenia and Senegal and then in Norway. Meaning “You are welcome/We share it” in the Wolof language, NJOKOBOK is a restaurant and a community space in one of Oslo’s rapidly changing neighborhoods.

Lani Monroy

Lani Monroy is a wellness coach from Guatemaya. With a specialty in meditation, breathwork, and educating others about the rituals of Meso-American and Indigenous cultures.