Iheb Guermazi
The Gravel Mosque
Iheb Guermazi was born in 1985 in Tunis, Tunisia. An architect, author, and architectural historian, he holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture from the University of Carthage, Tunisia, completed a master’s in the history and theory of architecture at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, and has a PhD from the History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, where he was also affiliated to the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture. Iheb has worked at various architectural practices in France and China, but now lives and works in Tunis, where he co-founded the design and architecture firm Atelier SCAR. 
His research interests include modern Sufi art and architectural discourses, the place of postmodern architectural theory in postcolonial contexts, and issues of identity and representation in architecture. Iheb has been a guest scholar and critic for architectural studios organized by the Ecole Nationale d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme, Tunis, the University of Washington, Columbia University, New York City, Harvard University, and MIT. He has also lectured and participated in panel discussions in venues and conferences including the Thielska Galleriet, Stockholm (2019) and the Middle East Studies Association, Boston (2016).